New mailing coming out soon!

2018 is kicking off with a new mailing and introducing our upgraded Lawn Care program.  After years of developing we are very happy to kick off our GOURMET Lawn Care program!

GOURMET Lawn Care (5 course meal for your lawn)

  • Step 1 "Get up and go!" (spring)
  • Step 2 "Feed me for success!" (late spring/early summer)
  • Step 3 "Summer stress reliever!" (summer)
  • Step 4 "Feed me for success 2!" (late summer/early fall)
  • Step 5 "Dyna-roots!" (late fall)

Too many companies focus just on killing weeds and pushing growth with inexpensive fertilizers.  It's in our name and it's in our mission as a company.... HEALTHY TURF!

We have been using humates, and vitamins but this year we have found the right mycorrhizae to add to the mix.  Research studies have shown how these specialized fungi can improve fertilzer utilization, rooting depth, the speed of establishment, disease and drought resistance of turf.  Watch a video describing how mycorrhizal fungi interact with roots to benefit the plant it attaches to.

Our GOURMET program is what your lawn wants, treat it well and reap the rewards.