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Residential Landscape Maintenance

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Residential mowing and landscape maintenance service.

Whether your property is a large estate or a small residential property we can handle the job. We take pride in all our work to provide the lawn care, landscape and tree services you want. 

Maintaining your property is more than just mowing some grass. Healthy Turf & Landscape will talk to you and assess your needs and come up with a strategy to attain the results you need.  Our goal is to come up with the right plan for your needs, then accomplish the results you need without you having to worry about it.  If we see something that you might need, a suggestion, or a problem we will make you aware of that.  Give you solutions or just a heads up and you decide if and when you want to manage your property.

New mulch being installed in landscape bed.

What Landscape Maintenance services do we offer?

  • MOWING: Our mowers are mulch mowers.  That means they chop up the leaf blades to small pieces and return them to the lawn.  If you bag your grass, you are removing nitrogen and organic material to help maintain your lawn.  Leaving your clippings on the lawn to break down into the soil does not increase the thatch layer.  String edging and blowing off the paved areas are included.
  • MULCHING:  The mulch we use is from the best supplier in the area that has the best color that persists!  Dyed mulch, natural hardwood, or even Pine Straw Needles can be applied while you are at work.  We only apply what you need so you don't waste money with layers of mulch.  Come home and have the work done for you.  Don’t give up your valuable weekends for endless mulching, let us do it for you.  You might even find it won’t cost that much more than what you pay for the mulch, deliver, equipment rental, etc.  Plus what kind of value do you put on your time?
  • PRUNING:  Pruning, trimming, select pruning are different styles of pruning used for different types of shrubs.  We can prune, trim or select prune just what is needed for your plants.  That way your plants can grow properly. 
  • LAWN CARE:  Healthy Turf & Landscape is home to the GOURMET Lawn Care program.  You can go with the whole program or scale it back to fit your needs.  Check out the full program under the Services tab.
  • TREE CARE SERVICES:  We use the Wedgle-Direct Inject tree system.  The Wedgle Direct-Inject System is the fast, effective, tree-friendly way to treat trees for a broad range of destructive pests, harmful diseases, and nutrient deficiencies including Hemlock Woolly Adelgids, Emerald Ash Borers, psyllids, aphids, Oak Wilt, Dutch Elm Disease, Anthracnose, chlorosis and more.  We inject into the tree, not drilling holes or sprayin all over your building or cars!  Do you have unwanted nuts or gumballs?  The Wedgle-Direct Inject will solve that problem also.
  • SPRING & FALL CLEAN UP:  Some people really like cleaning up leaves and some do not.  If you find yourself in the latter catergory then give us a call.  We have powerful back pack blowers and powerful leaf vacuum and shredder to take care of little jobs and big jobs.  You will be amazed on how fast we can come in and turn your messy leaf filled landscape to clean again.  Sore backs, blistered hands, stuffing leaf bags can be a thing of the past!
  • WEED CONTROL:  Would you say you love to pull weeds or would you rather not?  Why not have someone come out and pull weeds and safely spray weeds so your landscape stays attractive and clean.  Or are you going on vacation and need someone to spruce things up while you are gone, give us a call to make arrangements.
  • ANNUAL FLOWER BEDS, TROPICAL/PATIO PLANTS & LANDSCAPING:  Do you love flowers?  Do you sometimes lack the creativity or the energy to make a beautiful flower garden?  We love flowers at Healthy Turf and Landscape!  We plant 1000’s of flowers each year.  Sign up early to get in our rotation.  We also add excellent additives to help with plant health, vigor and water retention.  Do you like tropical plants but don’t want to spend big money to bring them in.  We use hundreds of tropical plants and palm trees.  Ask about our catalog to pick from in March/April to have your plants delivered in May.  Want a back yard tropical design, we can help with that also.  

Why choose Healthy Turf & Landscape?

We know there are numerous choices for lawn care services in Lancaster County. Our aim is not to the biggest but to deliver the quality results you desire and need.  You work hard to enjoy your property.  Let us take the stress out of owning your home so you can spend more time enjoying, less time recovering from the aches and pains of weekend landscaping.

Healthy Turf & Landscape is led by Neil Beatty who has over 25 years of experience in the Landscape/Lawn care industry.   Neil has a passion for this industry and has earned a BS in Horticulture from UW Madison.  In addition he did an internship at OJ Noer Turfgrass research center, and studied Landscape Architecture. 

Years of working as a Landscape Designer, Lawn Care and Landscape Estimator and Landscape Maintenance Owner/Manager has fine-tuned the desire for superior workmanship with superior materials to produce superior results. 

Our Team has 4 main goals to whatever we are doing:

  • Safety (with our work, with our equipment, with your property)
  • Attitude (working with a great attitude, brings great results)
  • Professionalism (always do what is best for Lawn/Landscape/Environment, use the best materials and inform the customer on options to make the best decision.)
  • Innovativation (use technics and products that provide superior results in the most effective and safest way for your property and the environment.)

When you contact us at (717) 256-4777 we will start with an initial consultation to discuss what you want accomplished.  Then we will come up with a plan for you to agree upon to make sure your property receives the attention to detail on a regular ongoing basis that you desire. We will do our best to create the lawn and landscape you desire that is well maintained and thriving. We look forward to serving you with our lawn care, tree care and landscape maintenance SERVE'ices.

If you are ready to let us take care of your property so you can enjoy life a little more and are located in Lancaster County, click on the Request Estimate button above or call us at (717) 256-4777 for a free estimate!