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Growing HEALTHY turf from the ground up!
Thick green yard with lawn fertilization treatment.

GOURMET Lawn Care Program

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GOURMET Lawn Care (5 course meal for your lawn)

  • Step 1 "Get up and go!" (spring)
  • Step 2 "Feed me for success!" (late spring/early summer)
  • Step 3 "Summer stress reliever!" (summer)
  • Step 4 "Feed me for success 2!" (late summer/early fall)
  • Step 5 "Dyna-roots!" (late fall)

Healthy Turf & Landscape are professionals in all lawn care services.  But what seperates us is that we have a "5 Course Meal" planned for your hungry lawn.  

We offer much more that your basic fertilizer and weed control.

 A healthy lawn requires more than just fertilization, it requires nutrients and additives for the soil life also and we do that too!

We start with our "Get up and go!" application in the spring when temperatures are mild, this is when grass begins to wake up and grow in Lancaster County. This first application is a well balanced fertilizer to wake up your lawn and also applies a barrier for preventing the unwanted annual grassy weeds like crabgrass.  

Your grass and soil profile needs regular feedings, nutrients and bio-stimulants and after the initial spring application, we come back about 6 weeks later for our second "course" which we call..... 

"Feed me for success!". This application includes a slow release liquid fertilizer, natural additives for healthy soil and plant boost, and a quality weed control.  Our slow release liquid fertilizer will provide a consistent feed where you get consistent growth. This fertilizer is virtually salt free!  Your lawn doesn't like salt, and most fertilizers have a high salt content that builds up in your lawn.  This increases summer stress and disease outbreaks.  This application also includes vitamins for your turf and soil, mycorrhizae, and humates.  These additives build strong healthy turf, beneficial soil organism community and better soil structure.  High quality weed control is added this to control those late spring early summer weeds.  Watch this video on how mycorrhizal fungi interact with roots to boost water and nutrient uptake.

Approximately 6 weeks later you will recieve your next application....

"Summer stress reliever".  This application includes: Slow release liquid fertilizer to help turf go through the summer stress and heat, a safe and effective grub control that doesn’t harm worms and other insects, and spot treatment of weeds.  This fertiizer blend will include extra potassium, which helps turf fight off disease and hold up better in drought conditions.  We use a grub control that does not impact bees.  It is more expensive but safer for the environment.  

(The common chemical used is both effective and economical. However, due to the on-going research on this class of pesticides and their probable link to having a negative impact on bees, we decided to adopt Acelepryn as our bee-safe premium product to control grubs in a lawn. Not only does Acelepryn not harm bees, it is safe for use around other beneficial insects such as ladybugs. It is also safer for the  Healthy Turf & Landscape employees who apply it and for you, the homeowner as well.)

Then towards the end of summer and early fall you will receive aonther application of "Feed me for success! 2"  This is the same application from earlier in the year.  

Then at the end of fall your last application is called "Dyna-Roots".  This application includes:  Higher nitrogen based quality fertilizer for healthy root development and preparation for the winter and an early spring green up.

Sometimes your turf is thin, our you want to intruduce additional grass blends.  We recommend seeding in the fall for optimal growth.  

Talk to us about slice seeding and introducing high quality blends of grass to your lawn.  

We don't core areate your lawn.  We build up the soil profile and introduce humates to build good soil structure.  If your lawn is 'heavy'  we can treat it with a special app called "Liquid AERIFY!"  This is a soil penetrant that breaks apart tightly bonded clay particles.  This creates "space" in the soil, allowing roots, water and oxygen to permeate and aides in the aeration of your entire lawn.  Adding oxygen into clay soil helps the beneficial microbes to survive and turn organic matter into all-important humus.  When you have humus, you'll have much better soil quality and structure.  We feel this is MUCH better then just punching holes in your ground.

Is your soil pH level low?  Then we offer "Liquid Lime"  This calcium product is immediately available (not waiting for soil organisms to eventually break it down so it can be used).  Each application can change pH 1/4 – 1/2 point depending on soil conditions. Apply 2-3 times per season if needed.

We call this the GOURMET Lawn Care program because we are providing top quality materials, nutrients and bio-stimulants for the lawn to flourish.


Dark green yard from fertilizing in Lititz, PA.

Our GOURMET Lawn Care program

  • Get up and go! (spring)
  • Feed me for success! (late spring/early summer)
  • Summer stress reliever! (summer)
  • Feed me for success 2! (late summer/early fall)
  • Dyna-roots! (late fall)
  • Slice seeding top quality grass seed blends. (spring or fall)
  • Liquid AERIFY! (Any time from summer to fall)
  • Liquid Lime (Any time from summer to fall)

We want your lawn and landscaping to be healthy and vibrant just like you do. If you're located in Lancaster County, request an estimate and we'll get you started on our GOURMET Lawn Care program!