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Tropical/Patio Plant Services

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Tropical/Patio Plant Service

Healthy Turf & Landscape brings in a truckload of tropical plants every spring and you can buy them directly from us! Whether you want a plant or two to highlight your landscape or you would like to make a tropical oasis on your patio or around your pool, we can help you out.  In early March, I pick out the tropicals and then will make a picture catalog for you to purchase from.  Then you have until mid April to finalize your order.  Or you can pick from the variety of plants I bring in.  By filling out a contact form and letting me know you are interested I can make sure you get a catalog.


We offer tropical plant maintenance services also.

  • We can design & plant them in your containers with proper nutrients and bio-stimulants to help them to prosper.
  • We can stop by on a schedule you decide to make sure they are getting the nutrients they need and to trim then clean them up.
  • At the end of the year we can come and dispose of them.  
  • In the future we will be offering back yard party escapes for renting.

Call us at (717) 256-4777 to get started.  Or fill out a Estimate Request at the top of the page.